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Taking email to the
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Here at Dazoot our main focus is Newsman. We love to email.
We've been doing email related products and services
for more than a decade.
Our Projects

Whether you are a business owner, professional or freelancer, Dazoot offers you a variety of services that you can't refuse.
Newsletter & Ecommerce Automation - build and track beautiful emails for your customers
Coworking Bucharest Cabanova website builder Outsourcing, ecommerce & publishing
This is our main project. NewsMAN is an email marketing and ecommerce automation platform. We combine the power of email marketing with, transactional emails, ecommerce automation, sms and popup builder under one umbrella.

We've build our own system scratch, including our own high
speed MTA.

We are constantly improving the system trying to make
sending emails and ecommerce automationeasy and fun for our customers.
Our team is spread between 3 cities in Romania (Bucharest,
Pitesti and Iasi). Our office in Bucharest is bigger than what
we need so far and we like to work with like minded people,
thus we have a small coworking in Bucharest. Private desks
and offices are available.

Feel free to pop up anytime, for a free day pass to check it out. More detail on
Cabanova is a HTML, sitebuilder, whitch we help build and
now mantain. We are in charge of web and application
hosting (Google Cloud) but also mass email hosting for more
than 5000 domains.

Since running clusters on Linux and email is our main
expertise, this fits well into our organization.
We have helped build and we are seed investors in
Two publishing projects are still online: and

Our team also maintains some BPO (Business Process
Out-sourcing) tools developed for our partner Keplersi.
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Our Team

We are wired and creative, we can do what the robot cannot. Lets do
the best work!
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Splaiul Unirii 160, Sector 4, 040041
Bucuresti, Romania
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Feel free to contact us 24x7